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COLLECTION #5 : Overload

What’s next for designers?

In 1974, Enzo Mari's Autoproduction project was one of the first examples of the decentralization of design. His pieces of furniture were designed to be built by the user with simple tools and could be adapted to the user's needs by sawing and hacking. Design thinking courses for non-designers and social, community-centred design are all signals of the same trend. READ MORE >


Studio Ho Design

Who Did It?


Social Simz

EA Gamz
£19.99 p/m intro
£29.99 p/m reg

Sex Whisperer 1.0

Durex 2.0
£99.99 (exc vat)

Lad Me Up


Star School

Elisa Brunato
£ per request

Slim Down Water

W-Healthy Water

Smart Lenses


COLLECTION #4 : Conn3ct3d

Imagine the near future where BCI are omnipresent.

How would human interactions evolve? What will we make redundant and what will we create? At the beginning of the summer term of 2019 we met with students of the first year of MA Material Futures at Central Saint Martins in London.

Soon they were to be given a new project brief, focusing on nanotechnologies and their possibilities. To brainstorm ideas, SNQ run a workshop focusing on a quite extreme scenario of applied nanotechnology  - Brain Computer Interfaces. READ MORE>

Finall Peace Suit

£4000 p/a

Memory Sleep Bed


Lucid Dream Studio

Strategy Industries
£30 h/at the studio

Nano Excitement Cream


Flavour Of Touch

£ per request


Bloody Good Ideas
£ 35. 000

Body Swapper

Osaka Industries
£ 400

Live Poet

£ 200

Mind Shield Service

Ancile LTD
£ 10.000 p/a

Future Body

details inside

Electric Nanosensor


Serenity Collar


COLLECTION #3 : Living Building

What if the community was given a voice?

For this new collection, we travelled to Glasgow - a city very close to the hearts of the SNQ team.

In 2014, a catastrophic fire almost completely destroyed the Mackintosh building, possibly the most important landmark of the city, and a world-famous architectural masterpiece. Since 1909, headquarters  of the Glasgow School of Art, the "Mack", uninterruptedly served as a house for culture, arts and design, being home to generations of creatives and artists from all over the world. It remained open through both world wars and withstood various social and economic changes, earning an informal title of the Living Building.  The 2014 fire was the first ever factor that shut the doors to the Mack, for it to undertake reconstruction. READ MORE>

Ask Mack

£ 100.000
£ 100 home model

Mack Cruises

Experiential Experiences
price varies per package

Mackintosh Fire Brigade Helmet

Mack Fire Brigade
auction open

Learning Stations at The Mack

Glasgow Council for Personal Industriousness

Creative Paint Wars

Mack Entertainment
£ 15 /entry

The Mack Journal

£5, Co-funded by the EU (as a goodbye gift)

Creative Community Up-cycling Centre

Glasgow Council
free entry

Indoor Public Gardens-Bridges

Council Flora Services
free entry

The People’s Mack

Glasgow City Council and Public
free entry

COLLECTION #2 : Unclear

In January 2017,

citizens of Wroclaw, the fifth biggest city in Poland, have been warned to stay indoors as much as possible, shut their windows and limit the time spent outdoors.During these days the levels of pollution in the city were 6 times higher than the EU limits, and surpassed famously polluted cities like Beijing.Schools kept their doors closed and the grey, thick fog that covered the city limited aeroplanes traffic and filtered the sunlight. READ MORE >

Grey Diamond

Fog Lux
£ 2000

Anti-Smog Mask

Clear Sky Dream Corp
£ 100


£ 500

Rain On Demand

₿ 1000

Very White Christmas

£ 120

Anti-Smog Force Field

£ 50


£ 50

The Great Sucker

Erland Musket
£ 25 000 000


Rumcajs from Nadodrze
£ 20-50

Home Like In The Old Days

£ per request

Ionising Air Purifier (IAP)

£ 200


We work more than ever.

Growing amounts of workers and students support themselves with performance and cognition enhancers, increasing productivity and alertness. Studies estimate that 10%-15% of students worldwide use these substances, also referred to as Nootropics, and growing number of public figures admit, that above make them function better and more effectively. SNQ teamed up with a panel of experts to discuss this matter, trying to imagine the life where you don’t need any breaks.  READ MORE >

Lucid Dreamz/Deluxe

Snorlax Co.
£ 30 / £50

Remote Working Unit

£50 initially

Chubb Service

Chubb Security
£ 23 000

Tortoise XL

£ 80
£15 p/w

Precious Time PJ

£ 700

Sober Stop

£ 2000

Chaos Container

Anti Disruption
£ 150 p/week*