by: Donny Santa



Cats are vermin! Those god darn stinking tooting satans on legs do nothing but masturbate on my god damn pillow cases. For some god damn crazy motherfucking reason my stupid ass uncle Derrick bought me one for Christmas, god damn jerk, I’ve always hated uncle Derrick. SO anyway I thought I’d give this back-o product a try and what happens? I got loads of god darn demon feline creatures masturbating at my window sill. Serenity? I’m not convinced. It’s a one star from me!

Would you recommend it? NO

Serenity Collar  

BY Sensitif


~6000 cats die our hour. Some of these cats are only baby kittens orphaned at birth, only to live for a few days before they are so engrossed with sadness, confusion, overwhelming hopelessness and abandonment that their delicate bodies can no longer stand. This can be changed!

The serenity collar for newly abandoned kittens sends neuro transmitters to their nervous sytem to bring a sense of peace and calm, and untroubled by their past.

Break into your savings and donate today. Quit saving money and start saving kittens!