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BY Studio Ho Design


Today is not a secret that everyone can design, but what about judging other people’s designs? With our new product, Judicante, pose yourself above the others and show that you really have your say in the design world. Features include a 3 meter tall chair, all gold plated, that allows you to stand above and out.

The front platform can host projects with the following measurements 2x1,3x3 meters

Attention! The average salary for product designer is £54.753. Keep that in mind when buying it!


by: W-healty Water



Studio Ho Design just launched their Judicante chair. W-healthy water went to meet them in order to get a partnership. J.B. the head of sales for W-healthy water was invited to climb on Judicante in order to have a trial. However, J.B. who follows a strict water-based died, slipped on the second step to reach the top of Judicante and badly bumped his head. He was hospitalised but unfortunately DIED AFTER A FEW HOURS for cerebral concussion.

Would you recommend it? YES