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Lucid Dream Studio

BY Strategy Industries

£30/h at the studio

£100 per 8h (introductory offer)

Permanent implant to take home (brain) - consultation only

Strategy Industries has created the first computer integrating science_technology. It allows you to work whilst dreaming, creatively focusing, sustainably and productively.

No more wasting time with stupid dreams - wake up fresh and with lots of work done! Nano chip connected to brain circuits that activates with the REM phase.


by: xyz_Patricia



Me and my producer were having some troubles with the last couple of beats for my last EP “Aint no Patricia”

The amount of creativity you get from this state of trance is insane. I immediately started to rap some madness, words were just coming out of my mouth.

Must say Craig (my Prod.) was less impressed, byt he’s also a massive stoner, so I guess it had less effect on him!

Well, you guys are gonna tel me how good dreams studio is when you will hear my album. FIRE!

Would you recommend it? YES