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Creative Community Up-Cycling Centre

BY Glasgow Council

Free entry

Bring your unwanted thing - from food waste to jewellery, and watch it be transformed into something beautiful, living, nourishing and/or functional but, most importantly, valued.

Volunteer artists, engineers, chefs, designers - people with all sorts of skills and knowledge to offer, assess and sort your gift to utilise it for something - anything - that can be of value to the community.

If you’ve donated something, you are free to eat the food, experience the artwork, wear the clothes or enjoy the centre’s products in any way!


by: Cynthia Bubbles



Utterly devastated. I came along to the up-cycling centre to find my dear departed dog Rufus’ collar upcycled to make sexy lingerie. I am shocked and horrified. How Rufus’ collar ended up here I have no idea. I was inclined to leave almost immediately, but stuck around for some surprisingly delicious pancakes. Tought it’s best to leave this dreadful place after that but my eye was caught by some impressively engineered crockery made from old boots. I bought the set for a mere fiver!

All in all, a retty mixed and emotional experience. Might recommend but would warn all that you might run the risk of running into your loved, once cherished items recklesly discarded.

Would you recommend it? NOT SURE