by: Alex_90


I am a student of Material Futures from Central Saint Martins. Replacing my old blood with this new conductive, metallic, universal FLUENT is the best thing that I have ever done in my life. I used to be the kid who was always running around to different technical workshops and always had problems with the machines not working properly, but not anymore! Now, after replacing my blood, I am the most efficient and productive student of my class and the best thing is my phone battery never dies. I am invincible!!!

Would you recommend it? YES


BY Bloody Good Ideas


The Metallic, conductive, universal blood replacement.

Finally! It’s here! Say goodbye to pesky blood-group specifics, blood-bases diseases and power cables! Replace your old-fashioned human-blood with our super conductive, metallic, universal FLUENT.

Now compatible with every device, power-street, conductive floor and robotic fluid. No need to plug in - you become the plug!

No need to take your robotics for an oil change, just connect yourself them!

Become part of the circuit, connect to the world and never flick a switch again!

(Rust-free version coming soon!)

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