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Learning Stations at the Mack

BY Glasgow Council for Personal Industriousness

Free, registration required

The Mack remains an institution of learning, but one that’s inspired by Glaswegian’s industriousness and Glasgow’s industrial history. It makes the craft and creative facilities available.

Among a public library, public soup kitchen and a public garden, the Mack is now a public resource bank with a “swap shop” feel, where the focus is on resources and recycling.

Fast fashion is one of the global issues that the Mack resources bank will adress. Here, materials from the private and public sectors can be recycled and repurposed. Learning stations, such as one presented, can feature a solid desk, a sewing machine and electronic media screen. You can sit down, plug in your phone and learn how to make your own clothes. It’s about home-style sewing, a place teaching craft for utility, and it’s a free learning space.

Attendance is free - just sign up online and you’ll be assigned a desk space and allotted time.

We can’t wait to meet you and learn with you!


by: Marshall, Mr Marshall



I brought my 8 year old son here last Sunday after I lost my job and couldn’t pay for his usual Sunday activities group. I was nervous because I didn’t know if they allowed children, but as soon as they saw Darwin they welcomed him with smiles and “kids guide” to the space. He enjoyed the garden and learnt some games with the other kids when I learn’t how to sew the holes in our shirts and linings in our coats. Afterwards we enjoyed a delicious meal together with other families in the kitchen. I left with a renewed hope in the future.

Would you recommend it? YES