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Last summer I was travelling through South America when I had a fatal car accident. After some weeks of recovery and surgery in an amazing hospital in Argentina, the doctors saved my life. Even though, I finally lost my left hand because of an infection. My cousin recommended me “Future body”, an innovative technology that helps you grow lost parts of your body. Even though I’d never heard about it, I decided to buy it and try it to treat my left hand. I totally recommend this product, the hand grew back in seconds and the skin is exactly the same as I used to have. (Even the nails, they grew up exactly as I had them before the accident). This technology will officially transform the world and it saved my life.

Would you recommend it? YES

Future Body

BY FutureBodyCompany

Government subsidised or through personal tax deductions

In recent years, we have made medical progress dramatically. However, there are still many problems. For example, medicines have some side effects, costs of surgery and drugs are expensive and many people can’t take proper treatments. So, we should reconsider about our self healing ability and enhance it by biomimicry from regenerative animals (like star fish, lizard’s tail, deer’s horn).

In the future, we can regrow your body parts or organs without medical treatments.