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Flavour of Touch

BY Tasteamatronics

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A chip that allows the transmission of the taste through the single touch of an object (food) or through a transmission from the scent of the food - connected to a receptor in the hand or nose that ultimately allows the user to understand a combination of flavours before even tasting - as you touch or smell and therefore - taste. You will start to download and unlock a bank of flavours.

Could potentially reconnect those who have lost their sense of taste for whatever reason (including radiotherapy)


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A couple of years ago my dad accompanied me to a party at my university. We got pretty drunk and my dad tripped and fell face down on the pavement breaking his nose. While everything ended up being ok, my dad had his smashed nose fixed, something happened that the doctors can’t explain. He lost his sense of smell, and it has severely altered his taste buds and it has been difficult at home. We had to run him to the hospital the other day because he wasn’t able to recognise that the milk in the fridge was spoiled.

Before the flavour of touch we were unable to even leave dad in the kitchen alone, afraid of the self harm he might inflict upon himself mistakenly eating spoiled food. Now that we have flavour touch, with just his finger he can believe and experience the world of taste once more, and my family can go back to living in a world without worry!

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