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Remote Work Unit

BY Timex

£ 50 (free initially and pay with your first 5 work hours)

Earn work credits remotely whenever fits your cycle. Choose from a range of tasks from genome sequencing to space trash allocation mapping. Log on by simply scanning your NFC Finger and enter the Workplace. When new tasks become available the buzzer will ring and an automated service representative will scan your retina to make sure you are able to enter the Workplace. The freedom is yours. The freedom if now. Enter the Workplace.




PFFFT! Call me old fashioned, but I remember when Timex made watches. I also remember when jobs were at least somewhat related to our skills or, god forbid, interests! That being said, I let the machine scan my eye and then I stuck my 5 year old granddaughter in front of it. Needless to say, I’m about 6000 work units richer, my house has never been so peaceful and she’s very good at deciding where to store trash. If there are any Space X regulars reading this, steer clear of Station M124!

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