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By Saranda

£ 500

A genetically mutated dog, adjusted to the extreme conditions.

-longer, fan-like tail to disperse smog;
-genetically modified muzzle to filter the air;
-hair that's impurities-resistant;

It's gonna live longer than a regular-breed dog -blood resistant to all types of poisons and impurities!


by: Karen


Ok, so there's the thing.
Disadvantages: high price, hair very harsh to touch, hard to tame, he doesn't react to basic commands.
Advantages: very elegant design, you save on the disposable dog masks, lives longer (mine is almost 4years old!), thanks to the modified hair it doesn't need to be washed, it eats its own droppings.

To sum up, it's more worthwhile to buy 4 one-year dogs, but the unique design and easy upkeep make your friends jealous. Interesting gadget for the rich!

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