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Sober Stop

BY Borocca

£ 2000

Are your workers, students, doctors, sex workers or editors coming in drunk and fucked up? Sober Stop by Boroca has been helping managers keeping their employees in useful condition, getting Boroca a Productivity Excellence award that we’re really proud of. Even in the dullest workplaces the bright lights and techno music of the Sober Stop will attract your drunk workers and youth whenever they were indulging, and provide them with Soberstoppers* - they will be contributing members of the workforce in no time!

*Soberstopper refills sold separately


by: Ali Wakers

I was taken to a Sober Stop by my boss last week - DO NOT BE TRICKED! 10 hours sober in this hellhole of the world was enough, and to top it with the hangover from the artificial sobering is like nothing you’ve felt before. After my brain started coming back from decomposition, I began to reform into a shell of a human. Slowly I began to match an AI. If you expect me to match up with those robots I’d rather live on a diet of rubber soles and the piss of a working alcoholic.

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