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Body Swapper

BY Osaka Industries


Introducing the “Ultimate Body Swapper”, the brand new technology created by Osaka Industries that will transform our world. Made by the most revolutionary technology, the “Ultimate Body Swapper” is a modern and elegant blanket that allows you to do what you always wanted - change your body forever!  “Ultimate Body Swapper” lets you exchange your body to finally bring happiness to this unperfected world. Let the magic happen! Exchange your bodies and be happy. Forever.


by: lucindaxd



It was really fantastic experience that I exchanged my body to Bill Gates by using UBS.

Now, I became super rich and enjoy everything I couldn’t do before, because of money. I bought a new house, dogs, clothes and finally got an investor viso all over the world. It was an amazing experience and opportunity to exchange my body!! Thanks ultimate body swapper and Osaka Industries!!

XXX EDIT XXX several months have passed, I already so miss my friends, family and home… How can I be back to my body? Please…

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