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Ask Mack

BY Google

£100 000 (one-off payment)
£100 (small home model)

Need a tutorial?
Need directions?
Need a chat about existentialism?


“Ask Mack”!

(Located in the lobby of the newly reopened Mackintosh Building)

The Tech:
Technology behind Ask Mack is powered by an AI and is visualised by a 3D projected, holographic face of Rennie Mackintosh.

Ask Mack - putting the ART into ARTificial Intelligence!


by: Rosey Green



Me and my boyfriend went to talk to the Mack - great experience! We go every other day, just to chat with him, it’s really great to feel listened to, you know? Without judgement. From a guy that really lived A LIFE.

Although, I suppose, HE isn’t really a guy and HE isn’t really alive, but still. I don’t think that anybody real would listen to our creative-critical “Eastenders” writings anyway. We thought about setting up a YouTube channel, but neither of us has a face for a video. The problem is, a very large queue is forming behind us as we’re reading to the Mack and we feel a bit of pressure. Maybe there should be more Macks - multiple Macks - in more private positionings. I would also want to talk to Mack’s wife - I heard she’s pretty cool too. It would be great to chat to a fellow female artist. I get pretty bored of men all the time. Everyone behind us is always having a great time too - there’s a real atmosphere and buzz at the Mack and reading to an AI Mack is really fun!

Would you recommend it? YES