by: Hari Domenic︎︎︎︎︎
What a blast!

This is the best thing that happened to me since I discovered oat milk. I’m on The Pill constantly since a couple of months now, I don’t stop because it makes me weird and stoned, but without the fun. I like to re-charge whilst laying on a sofa tho, and I’ve been listening to podcasts until I bought this -  now I can just “switch off” and experience some mad visions! I work in programming and I’ve actually hacked the chip and synchronised it with my prosthetic added senses, and I’m telling you, it’s a ride!

Would you recommend it? YES

Lucid Dreamz
/ Lucid Dreamz Deluxe*

BY Snorlax Co

£ 30 / £50 

Are you a busy professional? Is your body well calibrated to be 24/7 awake, but you’re still missing dreaming sometimes? Worry no more! With our new, upgraded LucidDreamz not-sleeping mask you can dive into the world of imagination at any time, whilst still maintaining high alertness!

Our masks, looking justlike the regular one that your grandma had, are equipped with little headphones and vibratory sensors. You can wirelessly connect the mechanism from the mask to the camera in your phone, and when you decide to relax and put it on, the algorithm will process all the pictures from the day and the sounds from your surroundings, mix it with the data downloaded from a library of Dream Dictionaries and create sensory, dream-like visions based on them. It will project movie-like stories, compatible with audio coming from headphones and tingly sensations on your body when the action of the LucidDreamz is changing. Dive into the old-fashioned world of fantasies the XXIst century way!

LucidDreamzDeluxe* - this mask, apart from having all the benefits of the regular version, allows you to link in all of your social media, collecting the data about your friends, trips you went to, your favourite music and even bits of conversations. The experience provided by this model is way more detailed, almost like a second reality on demand.

*Beta version, still being tested, waiting for the Privacy Bar approval.