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Chubb Service Station

BY Chubb Security

£ 23 000

High security service station to keep you and your vehicle safe. Show your employment card to enter our luxury experience! Chubb service station - bullet proof exterior and 24/7 security team will invite you into our fueling&service shop. Valet service and gourmet drive through to make your onward journey as comfortable as possible, The Chubb team can be employed to build, run and secure this service in any employment zone.


by: Silvia03


3 months ago I was running very late at work and wasn’t able to drive back home safe after 96 hours shift. I decided to stop and have a 6 hours rest - I enjoyed the experience pretty much! I came in, had a lovely dinner, a quick nap and while I was wandering around the 24/7 shop to buy some disposable new clothes I ran into Rand, an old friend of mine. It was very nice to see him again and before leaving we were able to get a coffee together in the Chubb’s lovely cafeteria. Friendly, comfortable and safe space! I recommend for a break!

Would you recommend it? YES