by: Sally D Tickler


Thought this was too good to be true, after all tortoises are endangered, even after I gave up plastic straws. It’s actually just a very large backpack made from subpar metal and sorta glossy (horrible) fabric. I tried to give it to my nephew, as he has just started a PHD. However, he was very ungrateful and informed me his books are all digital. Last time  will be giving him a christmas present.

Would you recommend it? NO

Tortoise XL 

BY Silcanta

£ 80 / £15 per weekly service

Tortoise XL is a portable shell that allows you to carry with you all the important items you’ll need to live 72 daily life hours outside your home. Tortoise XL is made of ultra tech fabric, with an aluminium skeleton to help carrying the weight. It is made by Tortoise&Co, a pioneer in the portable life supplies industry. The item could be bought or it could be borrowed thanks to our delivery service.