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Memory Sleep Bed

BY memoryKeeperz


A memory keeper bed that not only helps in recording the real experiences but also keeps track of your unconscious thoughts and dreams while you are asleep. The most fascinating feature is that you can even control your dreams - experience a real life situation and edit what already has happened. So why get bothered in chasing whether you want to study or go out with friends, when you can experience both - chose one for real and one for the dream that almost feels like real! You. Could also think of a question you want answers to and discover al the solutions in your dreams.


by: Heavy Sleeper007



I was so excited when the package from LHD arrived with my chip from memory keepers, not so much when I opened it! The box only contained a pea size chip with no manual, set of instructions or control. I didn’t know what to do with it or how to use it. My first night I tried putting it under my pillow… nothing. Tangled in my hair, nothing. Glued next to my ear…not…hing…. I even ended up swallowing it…NOTHING> And we know how that story ended. I went back online to try. To find a number to call and then I realised this is their first review!!!

Would you recommend it? NO