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Anti-Smog mask with Vision and Sound filter "Java Dream"

By: Clear Sky Dream Corp


Mask comes in summer and winter versions (with a warm hat) and is pow- ered by a super nano-computer. It allows you to see and hear the city like from your dreams - without smog, dark dust, noise - straight from a fairy- tale!

- Nano-computer, with a help of cameras and sensors, cleans the vision from the effects of smog. Trees are green, air clean, sky blue.
- The headphones build the sound aura - the singing of the birds, noises of insects, swooshing of the leaves.
- Mouth is open, you can eat :)
- Mask is charging thanks to the warmth of user's face
- Modes to choose from - seasons, weather - The form custom-made to order


by: Jola


From one side it's a nice mask, but it only distracts you from what's real, and what's real isn't good. It doesn't help, it only deals with improving your immediate wellbeing, doesn't tackle the problem at all. However, if you really can't change anything, it can give you a nice, pleasant illusion. It's all just smoke and mirrors tho.

Would you recommend it?  YES