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Rain On Demand  

By: Aquamafia

₿ 1000

Is it hard to breathe in your city? Is your luxurious resort going bankrupt due to the lack of clean air? Wanna take a girl on a date to a park, but you simply just can't? Our experts can help!

For a negotiable sum, we will install rain-generating pylons even at your front porch! Due to a complicated, patented technology (that you don't want to get into details of - leave it to us, the professionals!) the machine accumulates clouds and showers you with this glorious, once hated, now truly waited for rain, cleaning up the air, the ground and giving you the chance for this deep, refreshing breath.

* The water needed to generate the rain is sourced from others, less wealthy/needing regions.


by: anonymous


I'd recommend it to anyone! Rain is awesome, it's a great initiative and idea to use surplus water that goes to waste! I think I'm gonna make myself a Week Of Rain.

Would you recommend it?  YES