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Home Like In The Old Days  

By: Windows Drutex

Price upon request

Bring back the memories of your childhood!
Your children deserve the real home...HOME LIKE IN THE OLD DAYS!!!

Under the dome from our smog-resistant glass Drutex (R), you'll build the future inspired by the past.

- we guarantee the environment untouched by smog
-clear air
-a simulator of the sun/moon (length of day and night regulated according to your taste)
-option to play and relax in the fresh air
-fresh vegetables and fruit straight from the tree
-under the dome, all animals feel good, even those of the old breeds! -compatible with Rain on Demand and other inventions of the future


by: Saranda


Super! Finally, I feel like in the old days! Fruit and veg taste like from my grandma's garden. Looking at the sun I feel like I'm laying on the Carribean beach! I'd recommend it to anyone. Give yourself the chance to go back to childhood memories!

Would you recommend it?  YES