by: Saranda


Super! Finally, I feel like in the old days! Fruit and veg taste like from my grandma's garden. Looking at the sun I feel like I'm laying on the Carribean beach! I'd recommend it to anyone. Give yourself the chance to go back to childhood memories!

Would you recommend it?  YES

Home Like In The Old Days  

By: Windows Drutex

Price upon request

Bring back the memories of your childhood!
Your children deserve the real home...HOME LIKE IN THE OLD DAYS!!!

Under the dome from our smog-resistant glass Drutex (R), you'll build the future inspired by the past.

- we guarantee the environment untouched by smog
-clear air
-a simulator of the sun/moon (length of day and night regulated according to your taste)
-option to play and relax in the fresh air
-fresh vegetables and fruit straight from the tree
-under the dome, all animals feel good, even those of the old breeds! -compatible with Rain on Demand and other inventions of the future