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New project︎

Speculative User Testing - Get involved!

We want to test products from the “Unclear” collection in new contexts to understand how pollution affects people in different locations. Get involved!


Material Futures II

What’s next for designers?

We worked with students from MA Material Futures to explore the future of the design profession and education.


Material Futures I

Designing for the future with omnipresent BCI

We worked with students to imagine products from the future where brain-computer interfaces are popular and accessible.


Climate change

What if the air was too toxic for you to breathe?

We run a workshop in Wrocław to create objects from the future critically affected by air pollution.



Design when everybody (could) design

Watch our talk where we explain our approach, and argue why designer’s role is firstly to listen.

Charles Rennie Mackintosh

What if the community was given a voice?

Imagining giving ownership of the historic building of the Glasgow School of Art to the locals.


Future of work

Researching new working models using speculation.

Watch our pecha-kucha on the first “collection” we designed, explaining how SNQ researches through objects.


What if you didn’t ever have to sleep?

Exploring the theme of Nootropics and cognitivity-enhancing drugs through objects from a sleepless reality.