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Star School

BY Elissa Brunato

£ Trillions more than all the planet moneys

I graduated from the earthen design school only to find that everyone has graduated with the same profession. “Design” is everywhere: finance design, eating design, human design. This is ridiculous I thought, so I started a school: Star Design School. This is the only school outside of the planets, it’s where a selected few can do Was and PHDs overlooking all the planets systems, movements and learnings.

We analyse star systems, galaxy movements and planetary functions. This new academy would make people understand why earthen designers are so single minded. Our school’s program can tap into the learnings on Mars, Venus and Earth then can create larger, more interconnected speculations in a space that is not bound by walls. We question life’s sources, space boundaries, connections, gestures and howe we can learn to play god of the planets through our overlooking perspective

We decide to graduate as Gods of Design (yes, that’s right!). Come to our new school to get a stamp of recognition and design dictatorship - this is the future of design. Design will go no further than this. To endure the future of our planets and beings we select the only few who can be obnoxious enough to take our teachings.


by: Brearthxit_27



I’ve just been to the open day of the Star Design School. There’s nothing more interesting than that, in all the galaxy! I hope I’ll be accepted!

At the end, I will just have to make an essay about weddings between humans and Jupiterians, not a big deal. Can’t wait to be a god too.

Would you recommend it? YES