by: Vaginski



I didn’t realise I already owned this product! I was looking in the garage for a spare tire and there it was in the corner! I thought I would give it a shot, so I climbed up the ladder imagining I was Theresa May (Abba was playing in the background) But I couldn’t get passed small communtity? I thought I would have been a great decision maker, I had 1/2 tbsp of nfc and 16 bits and bobs of speakers ready, but clearly this product is as unfunctional as Theresa May’s Brexit deal! I could give it 3 stars but maybe the world is too hard for one man to be on top of!

Would you recommend it? DON’T KNOW

Lad Me Up Before You Go Go

BY notjustforyou!


Really. Want to be at the top of a government? THis friendly ladder will give you the opportunity to go at the top of the world and get a bigger understanding of the people’s voices and living conditions. You can then decide if you want to be a decision-maker or not. WOw, this is the future, right?

1/2 tbsp of NFC/15 bits and bobs of speakers to hear the people and other crazy stuff! But you are so into this product that you already bought it - don’t have to convince you there!