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Lad Me Up Before You Go Go

BY notjustforyou!


Really. Want to be at the top of a government? THis friendly ladder will give you the opportunity to go at the top of the world and get a bigger understanding of the people’s voices and living conditions. You can then decide if you want to be a decision-maker or not. WOw, this is the future, right?

1/2 tbsp of NFC/15 bits and bobs of speakers to hear the people and other crazy stuff! But you are so into this product that you already bought it - don’t have to convince you there!


by: Vaginski



I didn’t realise I already owned this product! I was looking in the garage for a spare tire and there it was in the corner! I thought I would give it a shot, so I climbed up the ladder imagining I was Theresa May (Abba was playing in the background) But I couldn’t get passed small communtity? I thought I would have been a great decision maker, I had 1/2 tbsp of nfc and 16 bits and bobs of speakers ready, but clearly this product is as unfunctional as Theresa May’s Brexit deal! I could give it 3 stars but maybe the world is too hard for one man to be on top of!

Would you recommend it? DON’T KNOW