by: Brian Peabody


I felt like an artist with a freedom of a child, both in the way we created and how crazy we went qith the paint. 

I enjoyed creating the murals as a team, safe in knowledge it would be destroyed  in the end. It was relaxing to just create without the pressure of “why?”.

The paint war after this was so much fun, and a really good workout! It’s the furthest I’ve run outside from catching a bus. In a world where rules are everywhere and even more extreme, it was lovely to be an anarchist for an afternoon. 

And then, of course, end with tea and scones in the Hen Run cafe, overseeing Glasgow. 

Would you recommend it? YES

Creative Paint Wars

BY Mack Entertainment

£15 entry 

This is a brand new competitive and creative game in which players work together to design a mural, and then try to destroy the other teams by obliterating it with paint. Buckets, brushes, sponges and rollers will all be used to take down the other team and their work. Tactics and strategy will be important, as you run wildly through the Mack, painting everything in sight.

Everything will be painted white at the end of every session to provide fresh canvas for every game. 

Afterwards, stop to eat something at the Hen Run Cafe!