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Electric Nanosensor

BY Empathindustries

£ 1000000000

In the future there’s no empathy and feelings have been eradicated to ensure efficiency and productivity. A “feelings” industry emerges, bodies are enhanced to “express” feelings. There’s no longer a vocabulary to express “feelings”

An industry emerges that “shows” emotions. A series of machines allow to artificially enhance or present feelings, eg frustration, through electric shock sensors. You hold someones hand and they are slightly electrocuted - that presents “frustration”.

Body enhancements TBD


by: MrsRoyal



I first bought the electric nano sensor because my employees weren’t reacting to my comments and even orders, therefore I thought this would allow me to make them have more reactive feeling. HOWEVER, THE INTENSITY OF THE REACTOR JUST GIVE FRUSTRATION, TO ALL MY EMPLOYEES, THEY’RE ALL DEPRESSED NOW! Moreover, one of them took my reaction really badly, so he bought the same product to constantly use it with me. Now that I’ve also been on the other side it makes me feel exhausted.

Would you recommend it? NO