by: Peter MacCloed



I am a goat farmer and my wife recently signed me up for a scheme by which I donate my waste produce (ie. old mutton goat meat I can’t sell) to the People’s Mack Kitchen in exchange for access to all the facilities. Well, last time I drove down with the meat I made use of the Mack and had some interesting experiences. I wasn’t prepared for the MTV dance lass, but my music taste has been updated as a result. I watched a film that I didn’t really understand, but after entertaining I sampled a delicious goat kofta made from my very own meat! I went to a great upcycling workshop which has really made me consider how to put the shit laying around my farm to use. All in all, lots going on, a buzzy atmosphere and something to experience for everybody. I’ll bring my wife next time.

Would you recommend it? YES

The People’s Mack

BY Glasgow City Council and Public

Free entry 

This amazing cultural space is accessible to all includes services like:
- kitchen, that makes yummy food of food waste donations. + cooking courses
- workshop space supporting emerging artists
- cinema and exhibition space showcasing new talents
-  music venue 
- studio spaces available for local makers
- rooftop greenhouse, where you can have your own small case with herbs and vegetables
- drop-in support services for people 
- career support centre
- a bike storage and diy workshop