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Ionising Air Purifier (IAP)  

By: Beata

£ 200

In the world full of smog everybody can contribute to the cleaning of the air by wearing a special, filtrating vest, which has the reach of 2,5m - the person wearing it cleans the air not only for themselves but also for every- body in the radius of 2,5m. Apart from the purifying, it also negatively ionises the air. That's for the particular interest, and for the global benefit, every city should install a special turbine, which would suck up the toxic particles from the air, transforming it into energy. (SNQ recommends - The Great Vacuum, link here)


by: louis_louis



I mean...yeah, it’s a good idea and everything, all cool, but why a vest? What if it’s winter? What if it doesn’t go with my outfit? Do I need to buy a new one when it gets warmer?  It just seems that the design team didn’t think too much, I’m sensing some posh background influence, because who else wears padded vests really... Still a fairly ok idea though, but I hope they’ll get some better strategist.

Would you recommend it?  YES