by: Jack Forde



Got absolutely tw**ted the other night with some of the other 4 shift workers (absolute legends). Came back to work and this one ADU was giving me such a hard time. Long story short I ended up ripping out his sensory module and pushing him into the tranquility pool. Boss saw me and hit me with a double dose of KTMN. One of my Nootrofics kicked back in when I was in one of these containers. Apparently the alcohol we had had that night had been laced with hypo-agro and I would have fought a priest. Great craic but almost lost my job. Glad these things and this box saved me.
Some hangover off that KTMN though.

Would you recommend it? YES

Chaos Container (Includes ADU Workforce) 

BY Anti Disruption Unit

£ 150 per week*

Since the recent abolition of alcohol, workplaces across the nation have been struggling to control, and even identify, chaos inciters. For only £150 per week* the ADU will install and manage chaos containers within your office space. Blood alcohol readers, public shaming rings, sober stoppers and in-cell viagra dispensers also available for a negotiable additional price.

*£150 per week, per prisoner. Number calculated by headcount at 6 hour intervals