by: thief



I’m a thief who travels all around the world to steal precious stuff from the poor who live in slums and some bad areas. The reason why I chose poor people is because they could not afford to buy the mind shield to protect their thoughts. SO whenever I go to the poor area I am able to know every alley to run away and where to hide from the cops because I can know it from the locals. Moreover, when I go to that area I could possibly know which family just won the lottery, so I could target to rob them next time if they don’t buy the protection mind asap. I have never had any chance to go to the rich area or rich house because they can afford to have mind shield. So one day, w hen I collect money. From the poor enough, I would target the rich.

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Mind Shield Service

BY Ancile LTD


In the future all people are born bioengineered with personal mind “wifi” without an option to not have it. This allows people to have their thoughts communicated to anyone across long distance without speaking or using internet - just by thinking over the mind “net”. However, this makes everyones thoughts also available to the corporations to access. Our company provides you with the mind shield to protect your thoughts and chose what you share, offering the luxury of privacy not widely available at this day and age.