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Mackintosh Fire Station Helmet

BY Mack Fire Brigade

Auction open, bid now!

After the Mack was rebuilt for the second time, and the citizen’s referendum took place, it has been decided that the buoilding will be donated to a fire brigade.

This is an original helmet used during emergency actions, now being auctioned for charity.


by: Jason McHarris


Mildly satisfied, I must say. 2 stars.
As a collector of creepy and dark objects, I was very excited about getting my hands on something connected to the Mack fire!

Must say, I’m a bit dissapointed. The helmet has been in the fire, you can tell from the scratches and dark areas on the hard shell layer. Dissapointingly tho, it’s completely intact and, even more dissapointingly, it’s been washed after the action.

I was expecting way more, especially after how much I’ve payed for it. Where’s the dirt, the sweat, the blood? Such a shame.

Would you recommend it? NO