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The Great Vaccuum  

By: Erland Musket

£ 25 000 000

The Great Sucker/Great Vacuum assumes at least 2 existing levels of Wrocław, from which the lower serves as a dumpster for all the impurities and dirt, about which no citizen wants to think about, nor has time to. We guarantee a complex and vast installation (the size depends on the size of the district) which sucks up all the polluted air, filters it, and then releases the clean air into the same area, as well to those in a bigger need.

The energy needed to power the Great Sucker is 100% clean and comes from the solar panels surrounding the funnel, placed above the line of smog.

Thanks to this solution, they are able to harvest the best possible efficiency in the given conditions. We warn, however,
it can vary due to the material from which the given Dome is made of.


by: Roomba_XL



As a Mother of three asthmatic daughters I find this product/service abso- lutely amazing, it's the best invention of humankind. Thanks to the funding from the government and social services we managed to install this prod- uct in our district, and it truly has changed the life of myself, my family and my neighbours. It has given us fresh air!!!

Would you recommend it?  YES