by: Dimitri


BANG! BANG! It hit the ear

“I do crack my fingers, my shoulders, my back, I said to Suzie. -OH YEAH? Me I just make the guys crack.”

Ahh! That Suzie! Because of Sex Whisperer I met my Mrs Right Now - I’m just over the top with this savvy tiny device.

Only one trickity problemo -  don’t wear this device when your family is around and also have this device - I don’t know what my father has with lobster fantasies but please add a filter option!

Kind regards,

From Dimitri and his empowered libido

Would you recommend it? YES

Sex whisperer 1.0

BY Durex 2.0

£99.99 (excl. VAT)

In the future, our brains have been over-exposed to online porn and we lave lost all thought or imagination. Get back in “touch” with our new neurotransmitter and share your deepest desires with those around you! Move over Tinder, our scientists know the real way to find Mr Right…or Mr Right Now ;)