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by: Brigit


My husband Damian has whitened the snow around our house. I've been busy cooking holiday pudding and I've let the kids outside to play with the dog. The situation that spiralled from there shocked me to my bones! My dog has relieved himself, but the whitener made the yellow stain disappear immediately! You know how kids like to eat various things...my son ended up at the ER, and I've thrown the whitener to trash immediately. The producer should have been more responsible! It's a complete lack of imagi- nation!!! This product needs to be upgraded, it's a scandal.


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by: anonymous_disgusted


I've been in love with the idea and bought 2 bottles at once. However, one of them has spilt onto the floor straight away, my dog drunk it and in a matter of seconds, his hair turned all white and he died in pain :( We tried with the wife to spray the other bottle in our garden, to make kids happy for the holidays - the snow quickly became crystal-white, but the day after just melted completely and whitened our entire lawn. After all, I'm giving it two stars, because I think that this product could be a perfect fit for some- body who wants to very quickly erase traces of all sorts of sketchy activities, or those who would like to re-paint their house.

Would you recommend it?  NO

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