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Slim-Down Water

BY W-Healthy Water

£1.19 per 100ml

Membership: £22 p/day equivalent of your hydration needs

£550 per monthly equivalent of your hydration needs for 30 days

Loose your overheat just drinking water. Slim Down Water by W-healthy Water allows you to loose as much as 600 grams* a day or 4,2 kg a week, just sitting on your sofa on on your desk. No need for exercise, no more paying for the gym, no more need for half an hour run in the morning. With the minimum effort of just lifting your arm to bring your bottle to the mouth you will be able to wear your favourite swimsuit that fitted on you only when you were 16 years old - in less than a month! 100%V water, zero effort!

*best results are achieved without combining water with any type of nutrition


by: that guy



I have been struggling with my weight for years, especially after I was fired and my family left me. I became so overweight I could not bend over because of my belly. I saw this new water product, brand new invention! I wanted to try it immediately. I lost so much weight! I really saw results. I looked amazing and definitely was fitting back in my swimmers, just as the advert promised. I originally thought wow, this product deserves 5 stars!!!

Edit after 3 months:

I’ve become too tired to write. I will keep it short. Crossed out two stars. I’m skinny. But my minimum effort has gone below minimum. Arm can no longer raise up. What is next for me.

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