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Smart Contact Lenses

BY Sora


In the world these days people love to use cameras or smartphones o capture their memories. However, it’s sometimes hard to capture the beautiful moment when it happens accidentally. It’s because sometimes our lovely devices are not around when you need them! And also our bodies don’t react quickly enough to take or record that memorable moments.

The smart contact lenses could provide you with ability to capture any moments, activities, phenomenons by just billing your eyes. The lenses work dual function, one lens is for picturing and the other one for recording. Moreover, it lasts for 5 years ad we can all be “time travellers”, seeing and reading one’s memories.


by: Blink183



I am a hobby photographer but have found carrying my heavy camera and lenses kit around rather troublesome, especially now after the accident when my recovering back and broken arm don’t allow me to carry heavy stuff. So I purchased smart contact lenses and rent for a walk in the nature to the forest. As I was walking along the hiking path, suddenly I spotted a nearly extinct species of young deer crossing the path ahead. It was moving so fast I would not have had time to take out my camera. However, with the smart contact lenses I managed to capture it on video and take some cool photos with my other eye. The video was uploaded to and has since earned 100 000 000 000 likes. Very happy with this product

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