Still Not Quite is a fictional online marketplace for objects and ideas from plausible futures.

We believe that the design of the future of our objects and services should be as democratic as possible. However, we recognise future design to be almost exclusively in the hands of corporations and other powerful entities. The futures envisioned are therefore elitist, and subject to an uncomfortable compromise between user-centred insights and profit-targeted dynamics.

Still Not Quite aims to open the possibility to explore the future to a larger public.

With this in mind, we opened a fictional online department store. The objects showcased in our shop have been designed by members of the public during our workshops. SNQ team aims to collaborate with communities, organisations and institutions and explore future issues close to their area of expertise. We aim to do this by designing objects and services that would exist in those futures and enriching those with the experiences of imaginary users.

Still Not Quite is an idea by

Dominika Swierad & Lorenzo Lattanzi,

combining our passions for communities, places and future speculations.
We are eager to talk and learn about what you think and do, and open for collaborations.

Please get in touch!
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